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Human Assisted Reproduction

Human assisted reproduction techniques

When can we say that a couple has fertility problems?

Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to procreate. If both partners are in the reproductive period of life (15-49 years) and fail to get pregnant in 12 months of unprotected sexual contact we can say that this couple has fertility problems, and assisted human reproduction techniques could get them out of trouble.

However, the definition of infertility does not mention anything related to the frequency of sexual intercourse. It is known that a woman is fertile, usually, once a month. What’s more, this window does not last more than 36 hours. So you can imagine that a low frequency of sexual intercourse is directly proportional to success.

Why do we call it couple infertility?

What we want to clarify from the beginning is that infertility does not take gender into account. There is, however, a preconception, a prejudice, wrongly absorbed by the people as to whom shoulders is all the burden of infertility is thrown on, and that is the woman. It probably got here because the woman is the one who bears the fruit. Inside, “magic” happens. And we call it magic, because it is protected from the naked eye. After all, the reproductive process is truly miraculous. On the other hand we have the man whose reproductive quality was probably evaluated only by the ability to carry out a sexual act. Now, after the invention of the microscope and the progress of science, we know very well that when we talk about infertility, we are talking about problems that affect both genders.

What are human assisted reproduction techniques?

Human assisted reproduction techniques, abbreviated human ART, are multiple. They help us get pregnant when all the natural means have been exhausted. We will talk in detail in the following about all the methods by which we can help a couple to reach her, mother, and he, father.

Our team is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility that affects both sexes.