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Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics is the medical specialty that takes care of the pregnant woman from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy. The main objectives of obstetrics are identification and prevention of the pregnancy associated risks, as well as fighting off the possible complications that may encounter during those 9 months so both the mother and child will not suffer.

Gynecology, on the other hand, is the medical specialty that studies the physiology and pathology of the female reproductive organs outside the pregnancy. This includes supervising the harmonious development of the female genitalia during childhood and puberty. It also includes the treatment of all the conditions that affect the female intimate area such as infections, inflammations, tumors or other pathologies.


Consultation without appointment (emergency)
Follow up
Infertility consultation
Endometriosis consultation
Endometriosis follow up
Transabdominal gynecological ultrasonography
Endovaginal gynecological ultrasonography
Gynecology package
First trimester ultrasonography (pregnancy diagnosis)
Supervision of pregnancy
Fetal morphology scan
Fetal morphology scan for twins
3D/4D Ultrasonography
3D/4D twin ultrasonography
Genetic screening NIPT
Ovulation supervision (folliculometry)
Intrauterine device insertion (IUD)
Intrauterine device extraction
Babes-Papanicolau cytological examination
Microbiological examination of vaginal secretion
Microbiological examination of vaginal secretion
Diagnosis and treatment for sexual transmitted diseases

Small interventions

Colposcopy + exocervical biopsy
Colposcopy + exocervical biopsy + endocervical curettage
Endocervical curettage
Endocervical polyp removal
Cervical electrocauterization
Tratament condiloame vulvo-vaginale (excizie, electrocauterizare)
Vulvo-vaginal condyloma treatment (excision, electrocauterization)
Endometrial biopsy (Pipelle sampling)
Treatment of Bartholinian gland cyst/abscess
Small gynecological interventions

Surgical interventions

Uterine curettage (for biopsy, hemostasis, evacuation)
Uterine curettage (miscarriage)
Cervical conization
Endometrial polyp excision
Plastical surgery (Labioplasty, Hymenoplasty)
Assessment hysteroscopy before IVF
Diagnosic hysteroscopy
Therapeutic hysteroscopy
Chorionic villi biopsy